Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Can I just say that I loved Disney Universe?In the game u start out in a somewhat computer-like place,then out of no where V.I.C. (virtual information cube) shows up and tells u all about the place. Then when he is at the aladdin palace he shows us about the cast bots friendly robots that couldn't hurt us even if they wanted to and then ..... it happened.... suddenly the bots start chasing everyone away meanwhile V.I.C. is trying 2 figure out what happened,ZAP!!! BANG!!! CRASH!!! instead of the friendly V.I.C. :) u see the nightmare H.E.X |:)!!!!He says that he owns the system and that the game is only going to have 1 winner ME he's ready to rock roll & reboot! Welcome to his universe! Play it....if you DARE

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